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This is a new segment of Yellow Brick Road - Coaching and Consulting, where I will be sharing some of the great reads that I am coming across in two minutes. It will share my thoughts and key concepts of this book. If you are interested in purchasing this book, you can purchase it directly at:

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Rejection Proof

How I Beat Fear and Became Invisible Through 100 Days Of Rejection

By: Jia Jiang

Here is a story about Jia Jiang who moves to America to fulfill his dream of being the next Bill Gates. Early in his successful career, he decided to take a leap of faith and become an entrepreneur. As he was following his passion, his company was looking for an investor to provide the required funding, to keep his company alive, which was met with a certain “No”. Jia was quite disappointed, but had fantastic support from his wife, and decided to do something different. He took a “100 Day Rejection Challenge” to see if he could overcome rejection and would document this journey through his video blog.

The book gets you hooked quite quickly as you begin to hear his stories and the daring situations that Jia attempts. It kept me wondering what the responses would be, and what was next. I kept thinking, what are some of the limitations have I been putting on my own life, by simply not asking? Here are a couple of scenarios that really stood out for me:

  • Going into a new neighborhood and knocking on a stranger’s door and asking them to plant a rose bush in their front lawn

  • Going into Krispy Kreme donuts and asking them to make a donut that looked like the Olympic rings – The response was amazing and his YouTube Video went viral. See video on the right.

  • Asking another person to fly a plane with no previous flying experience.

All of these items above he completed, and wasn't met with a rejection. There were so many more exciting examples. As he goes through each rejection attempt, there is a good analysis of his personal reactions and insights.

Here are The top 5 Concepts that stood out to me in this book:

  • Don't be the first person to reject your own ideas. It's not fair to you. Share it and look for feedback.

  • Rejection is an opinion. What may not be good for someone, might be for another person.

  • Try to get “Rejected” on a regular basis because you might be surprised with the response, and the potential experience.

  • If you are giving the rejection, give alternatives.

  • If you are the person that is getting rejected, ask questions to find more information.

Overall, this was a fun, inspiring, easy read that really gets the reader to think about ways to stretch themselves out. It could be some of your own limiting beliefs that are holding you back. If you find it tough to deal or give rejection, it might be time to get “Rejection Proof”.

That is your YBR – Two Minute book review. Hope you enjoyed it. As always, your Yellow Brick Road is waiting for you. If you are looking for more great articles like this one, please click here or get signed up for our bi-weekly update.

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