Top 5 Ways to Make Calling Your Existing Clients Easier

Picking up the phone and reaching out to clients can be difficult to many sales people and advisors. However, a disciplined proactive process is a great way to introduce or reintroduce yourself. This opportunity will only better your current sales and client experience, and possibly identify any new or existing solutions that they could benefit from.

Here are my Top 5 Ways to Make Calling Your Existing Clients Easier

1. Setting Your Call Times

This for some, can be the toughest part of the day because everything else can seem much more important. It can be really easy to put this off. But we do know that calling / reaching out to our clients is essential to allow us to keep our pipeline growing. If you are booking fewer appointments, this will result in less closed business. Start off by booking a time that you feel that is going to work best for you. The length of these call times do not have to be long either, they just need to be productive with little to no interruptions. There are individuals that hammer out their calls first thing in the morning so it is not lingering throughout the day. The more calls that you make, you will start finding which times are better suited to reaching your clients.

2. Pick A Specific Day For A Particular Call Activity

This tactic focuses on a particular type of lead on a specific day. The rationale behind this is that this will sharpen your skills quickly as you have time to reflect how you can improve on your next call. Here are a couple of examples that might provide some clarity:

  1. Appointment Mondays – This requires you to reach out to all of your booked appointments for the week to confirm and get them prepared for your meeting. Are key individuals going to be attending the meeting? Is there documentation that needs to be brought in, or completed, to move to the final stage? This tactic really helps reduce last minute cancellations and missed appointments.

  2. “Bump that Hump” Wednesdays – My favourite, by the way. This requires you to reach out to new prospects to avoid going through a sales hump. Does your pipeline have an inflow of new clients to help build your pipeline and replace other closed deals? Great opportunity to eliminate dead zones in your sales process and meet some new friendly faces.

  3. Follow Up Fridays – This can be used to follow up on some of the items in your pipeline that are uncertain. It can also be a great maintenance checkpoint to ensure if there is anything else that you are able to provide to them. I can't tell you how many times quick sales come up with these types of calls as well. It’s a Friday, a friendly hello and a “hope you have a fantastic weekend” actually does go a long way.

3. Keep The Conversation Simple. It’s About Booking The Appointment

Having spent time with many salespeople / advisors, it doesn’t surprise me how much talking happens in the first call. When you finally reach the person that you want to talk to, it can be exciting and it should be. Try not to do the whole sales pitch on the phone right away. Just keep it simple and book that appointment first to ensure that you have your client’s full attention. Remember, if you were to receive a call out of the blue, would you be fully invested in this first conversation, and commit to a sale…probably not. So give you and your client a space to have that great conversation.

4. Update Your Client Profiles Regarding The Best Way To Contact And Time To Reach Them In The Future

​You have just had an amazing conversation with your client, and you either have booked an appointment or closed a sale. Finding ways that your clients like to be communicated with in the future is a great opportunity to create efficiencies in your contact management strategy. You may find that a good portion of your clients appreciate a quick text message, or email. Or is it a call on their business or home phone number? Either way, having this information will also make it a better client experience as well. There is nothing worse than having a repeat customer telling you that they mentioned to always reach them via a particular form of communication. This will only make it easier on you.

5. Track Your Successes And Failures

Oh trackers! Not everyone’s favourite tool but when used properly it can be quite powerful. Tracking items like number of calls to book an appointment, when calls were made(morning or evening), number of appointments to sale (days to close), and common objections / successes can make a major impact on how you structure your strategy. Some CRM tools have these functions built in which are fantastic, other may require to do it via paper or excel. Either way, understanding who your clients are and what is working will help build your sales successes and deepen your sales pipeline.

Bonus - Remember Birthdays And Relationship Anniversaries

Depending the relationship you have with your client, it always important to remember the little things such as birthdays, and relationship anniversaries. This can go a long way just calling / messaging your clients that your "insert number here" relationship really matters and thanks for trusting in us to handle your "insert service or product here". Remember, it's a lot easy to maximize on an existing relationship than having to find brand new ones, so make the most of it.

These five tips are not new ideas but they can really help your sales teams really understand the importance of being proactive. Also, how they can make it easier on themselves going forward. I have trained and developed sales leaders to focus on this type of client experience while increase sales and pipeline activity. If you are interested in more information, please feel free to email us at

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Best of luck out there and as always, your yellow brick road is waiting for you.

James Amarelo - Founder and President

Yellow Brick Road - Coaching and Consulting

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