Potential New Year's Resolution Killer – Your Own Limiting Beliefs

We are a couple of days in the new year, and many of us are thinking about our New Year’s resolutions. These goals always have the best intentions but at times they seem to get the better of us. Why is that? Sometimes you need to look back before looking forward. Here are some quick ways to make them stick for this year.

How many items are you putting on your plate?

This was not intended to be a dieting pun, but how many items do you need to change right away? It's interesting to hear the passion, energy, and excitement about someone's resolutions. They have a glow to them that you might not have seen in a while. We have also seen the same disappointed face in late January, when the goals were given up on. Are you putting too much pressure on yourself to make all of these items happen all at once? Give yourself the time to plan out the year, and try to ensure your own success. Remember, a year consists of 12 months and 365 days, not just January. Celebrate the small wins! It will go along way.

What held you back in reaching some of your past goal(s)?

Looking back might be painful, but in that pain one can learn quite a bit. On the other hand, your might have accomplished quite a bit, and addressed other important issues that you were very proud of that were not expected. Remember the where you can from and if you are finding these goals are back on the list again this year, some of these limiting beliefs might be holding you back:

  • "I am not doing what I really want because _______."

  • "What is everyone going to think of me? I would rather not.”

  • "I would have done it but _______."

  • "I just didn't have the time." or "It took longer than I expected."

There might be a legitimate reason(s) as to why you were not able to reach that goal(s), and there might not be. When thinking about this, ask yourself, how many of these are actual excuses that you own? This is not easy to see, but you might catch yourself talking yourself into a downward spiral putting the blame on others. It happens to all of us. Just be aware. You are the one that can make the difference and change.

Who have you told about your goals?

Telling your friends and family your goals can be your greatest asset or liability when sharing. Just remember these are your goals, not there's. For them it might be difficult to understand why you would want to accomplish these tasks, but that is okay. They have their own limiting beliefs as well. Stay positive and find the right group(s) that will help motivate you through your wins and challenges.

What if you have tried everything? It might be time to work with a Certified Executive Coach.

Building your future self and creating that vision is an important part of who you are and what you want to become. It is not easy and it does require attention. The opportunity to be working with a coach in a "judge free" zone is powerful. It allows you to focus on your needs and come up with an action plan that will work for you.

If you are on the fence, and not sure what is involved, please reach out to me. I would be glad to have a 15 minutes session to start that conversation and planning process with you. Don't

be shy. Just message us below.

Remember, your Yellow Brick Road is waiting!

Happy New Year's everyone and let's make it the best ever!

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