Overstimulated? It might be time for some R.E.S.T.

We have integrated technology to our everyday lives, and constantly bombarded with emails, text messages, and social media notifications. The power of knowledge and insight is literally at our fingertips. How do you know if are you being overstimulated, and is it impacting your productivity?

The thought of being technologically overstimulated seemed completely foreign to me, as we all have gauges as to how we manage our own stresses and activities. I had the opportunity to explore something different. A good friend suggested floating, an interesting relaxation technique. So my curious mind was excited to see what this was all about. I did want I have always done: Google first, and watch several videos on YouTube regarding this experience. There was a concept was called R.E.S.T. (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy) which intrigued me.

What was fascinating about this concept was to sit still and reduce all types of external stimulus. This means being in a quiet space, with your thoughts for a set amount of time, and yes turn off your mobile device. For me, I visited a company called Float House in Victoria to try it out, and what an experience it was. The session was 90 minutes and it was amazing to see what happened putting myself in a safe, calm, and quiet environment. What occurred next, I did not expect. I quickly realized how many random ideas were running through my mind, and how difficult it was to stay focused on one particular thought. I can't tell you how many times I want to leave my session and grab my phone to figure out the answer. At one point, I remember thinking "How do I get anything done with this many internal distractions? How can I regain that mental capacity back into my day?". After the session, what happened next surprised me. I realized that these distractions were actually getting the best of me.

Here are some of the immediate actions that I made:

  • Stopped all notifications from social media.

  • Scheduled email times to review and reply to messages throughout the day. Outside of those hours, my email is turned off.

  • Placed my phone on permanent vibrate, and schedule time to check voice messages.

It has been fascinating to see how these simple activities kept my focused on the task at hand, and it provided a sense of control of my day. It felt like there were less interruptions in what was a regular business day. This all happened because I gave myself the opportunity of 90 minutes of R.E.S.T..

Your Yellow Brick Road Weekly Challenge!

I'm interested to see how you can incorporate R.E.S.T. or quiet time to your day. Some people use yoga, running, and types of meditation.

  • How do you create that space to allow yourself to think?

  • If you had 90 minutes, to yourself without interruption(s), what would you focus on?

As a Certified Executive Coach, I have worked with many clients that are looking for find the time to focus on what is important to them. Also, you can check out my previous post called "It's official! I'm a Certified Executive Coach. What does that mean to you and your network?" for more information about Executive Coaching. Feel free to contact me directly for more information. Your Yellow Brick Road is waiting for you!

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