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You have your own business and wonder why do you need a business coach.  Here are the top three reasons how my clients have  benefited:

  1. Higher level of accountability with improved results

  2. Unbiased place to express ideas and brainstorm

  3. Receive guidance from proven frameworks and exercises.

Here are ways that we enhance our client's businesses 

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Strategic Planning

Situations we help clients succeed: 

  • Doesn't want to spend a fortune on an outside consultant

  • Needs to plan strategic direction, but lacks framework

  • Team can't agree on priorities

  • Has a strategy with difficulty implementing

  • Use plan to develop and engage employees

Benefits that they have received:

  • Simple to execute covering three keys areas (Big picture planning, key priorities, and execution)

  • Cost savings with objective outsider

  • Discover ways to find that edge in your industry

  • Making big picture things happen

  • Plan becomes a living document with follow up action items with us

Leadership Development

Situations we help clients succeed:

  • Overwhelmed

  • Difficulty focusing on what matters

  • Facing a huge change

  • Needs to influence others

  • Complains about the organization is not accountable or aligned

  • Could benefit from tools to stay grounded and focused

  • Conflict with personal values, vision, and career

Benefits that they have received:

  • Greater resilience

  • Retention of top and developing staff

  • Deeper understanding of their personal leadership

  • Ability to cope with volatility, complexity, and change

  • Focused and align with key priorities

  • Understands the most important things are for success and satisfaction

  • Ability to get results and build strong relationships

Non-Profit Board Development

Situations we help clients succeed:

  • The board is not effective or in conflict

  • Complains about the board commitments and capabilities

  • Not engaged during meetings

  • Poor attendance 

  • High Turnover and Poor retention of top talent

  • Lack of direction and purpose

Benefits that they have received:

  • Clarity about roles and responsibilities

  • Strengthen board composition and engagement

  • Achieving board and organizational goals

  • Clear strategic direction and set of priorities

Employee Engagement

Situations we help clients succeed:

  • Received negative feedback from employees

  • The organization has many silos

  • Team does not work together, while impacting productivity

  • Not getting enough productivity from team

  • Low productivity, morale, high turnover

  • Challenges maintaining and recruiting top talent

  • Lack of a succession plan

Benefits that they have received:

  • Higher productivity

  • New ways to engage with your team

  • Increased comfort and confidence leading

  • Better teamwork and engagement

  • Increase morale and decrease turnover

  • Focus on strategic issues with fewer hassles

Sales Management

Situations we help clients succeed:

  • Missed sales targets

  • Activity management (Disorganized and/or overwhelmed)

  • Lack of understanding of leads and pipeline management

  • Struggling to offer a consistent client experience

  • Overwhelmed sales teams

  • Too many meetings with low closing percentage

  • Spending too much time at work than required

  • Struggling to reach targets

  • Lack of tools and training

Benefits that they have received:

  • Higher productivity and sales

  • Improved client satisfaction

  • Improved accountability and alignment

  • Less stressed

  • Acquired referrals from clients

  • More grounded and focused on the important tasks

Looking For Something Else

Customized Programs

If you have made it this far down the list, you may not have found what you are looking for.  We build customized programs for many of our clients. In fact, every program is customized to your needs.


We would be glad to have a complimentary one hour call to see if we can help or give you guidance. It's risk free with no commitment. 

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